Pectus Excavatum Post Op Procedures

dreamstime_6158001Once again we welcome you back to our blog series about pectus excavatum and everything that surrounds it. In the last few blogs, we have detailed the many details that surround this physical deformity. From how it begins, what the symptoms are, how it can affect a person, how it can be solved, to what surgery looks like. So now that we know the processes in which this abnormality is diagnosed and treated, let’s explore the necessary information regarding the post-op recovery process and what you should know as a parent. It’s also helpful for you to know about this process prior to the operation so that you can prepare questions for your pediatrician.


Here is what you should know about post pectus excavatum operation

  • This surgery generally requires the patient to remain in the hospital for five to seven days to help cope with the pain and monitor the surgery and incisions.
  • There is a lot of pain associated with the recovery of this surgery and your child will be hurting. This is normal and again, we will aid with pain management.
  • After surgery, your child will go into the PACU. They will then go to the nursing unit where they will be administered multiple types of pain medications. These medications will be distributed to them both orally and by IV.
  • This is a surgery with a high success rate. Patients are generally happy with the results in regards to how they feel and how they look.
  • After the first day of surgery, a physical therapist will help aid your child in standing up and walking. They will also teach your child how to move about without moving the bar.
  • Your child will also learn how to breathe. This can be very difficult after the surgery and getting up and walking around will make this easier as well.

BG-2Before your child goes in for a pediatric surgery, be sure to talk to your pediatrician about any of the questions you may have. It’s important for you to be as educated as possible in this process so that your child can feel as safe as possible. It will also help for your peace of mind, and when your child is needing you to help with their pain, you should be more prepared to help them. If your child is scheduled for a pectus excavatum surgery, be sure to contact our pediatric clinic with your questions today.

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