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Here at Alaska Pediatric, we take pride in every type of surgery that we perform on children. Our goal is to make sure that your child receives the care that they need, and can easily transition and heal after the surgery is completed. To help you and your children in the best way possible, we decided that it was important to give a detailed explanation as to which pediatric surgeries we provide, how to prepare for them, and how to cope with the healing process. One procedure that our pediatric clinic provides is epigastric hernia surgery.

How Should I Prepare My Child For Pediatric Surgery?BG-2

Our pediatric surgeons have multiple recommendations, as well as requirements for preparing for surgery. If your child is afraid of the surgery, we recommend reminding them that they won’t feel a thing. They’ll be placed under sedation and won’t even know what happened. We also recommend reminding your child that they’ll be in the best hands possible, and the chances of things going wrong are slim to none.

What Do Our Pediatricians Require?dreamstime_xxl_13985899

  • Eight hours before surgery we require that your child does not ingest solid food, only clear liquids and formula are allowed.
  • Six hours before surgery we require that you cut off formula to your child.
  • Four hours before surgery we require that you cut off all clear liquids, including water.

1435266263Safe Kids WHOThe team at our pediatric clinic is qualified and certified. We are passionate about providing care for your child with ease. It is our goal to have a successful pediatric surgery in which you and your child trust to perform the procedure to our best ability. If you have any questions about the epigastric hernia surgery your child is scheduled for, please don’t hesitate to contact our pediatric clinic at any time.

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