Dr. Roaten is Alaska’s most experienced pediatric surgeon. His skilled approach to pediatric surgery will put patients and their parents at ease. Whether your child needs a simple medical surgery or has experienced significant trauma, the team at Alaska Pediatric Surgery can help you and your family with all your surgical needs.

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  1. Neonatal Reproductive Disorders That Require Surgical Intervention

    There are more than a dozen different reproductive disorders that include external genitalia, internal organs, and hormone levels in both male and females. Some are identified in utero while others may not present until puberty. Most reproductive disorders are congenital and are …Read More

  2. Exam Under Anesthesia: What to Expect

    What You Need to Know About Exams Under Anesthesia When it comes to pediatric surgery, every experience can be different. Some children that come to our children’s clinic have issues that are simple to fix through pediatric surgery. Others have particular issues with their heal…Read More