As a parent, your love and comfort are just as important to helping your child cope with pain after surgery as any pain medication our healthcare team can give. Here at Alaska Pediatric Surgery in Anchorage, we know that you know your child and what comforts him or her best. Today we’ve got some tips on how to help your child cope with pain after a surgery.

  • Touch: Children need and want to be held and touched, especially by those who are more important to their lives. If you want to hold your child, always ask for help from staff. They can help you maneuver around bandages or equipment.
  • Play: Play is familiar to your child and can help relieve tension and anxieties for the both of you. Bring coloring books, storybooks, board games, puzzles, and other toys they love (if allowed) that they can use in their bed. If your child will be able to get out of bed post-surgery, ask if there’s a playroom in the hospital that your child can use.
  • Watching & Listening: If a DVD player is available, bring movies and shows that your child loves for entertainment and comfort. Music can also be comforting to your child, so you might want to consider bringing them an iPod or loading a few things onto your smart phone.
  • Ask For Help: Consider speaking to a specialist at the hospital who can help you with pain management and coping strategies for your child.

As pediatric surgery specialists in Anchorage, we’re here for you, your child, and all of Alaska.