No one really likes going to the doctor – especially children. However, some kids are just downright terrified! Here at Alaska Pediatric Surgery in Anchorage, we totally get this fear considering that most kids do not enjoy being held or handled by someone who is unfamiliar – especially if there’s a change they may be getting a shot! Today we’re here to give you a few tips on helping your little one feel more comfortable at their next visit to the pediatrician.

  • While you may not be able to make every doctor’s visit with your child, needing a grandparent or other care provider to go instead, you should at least try to make the first few appointments with them. This will show the child that you’re comfortable around the doctor and that your trust them, helping them feel more secure.
  • Help your child know what to expect at their doctor’s appointment by role playing with toy doctor kits. Play pretend with a little white coat and pretend checkups so that your child knows what to anticipate. Show them how a doctor might examine their nose, listen to their heart, or even take their blood pressure. Children’s books that illustrate doctor visits are also great tools to help your child prepare.
  • Don’t say things like, “That shot won’t hurt!” or “Don’t be scared!” This will only make you seem less credible. Instead, validate their fears by telling them that you understand that a doctor’s visit is unpleasant but that it will be over fast and that you’ll go through the experience together.