“When can they go home?” This is one of the biggest questions that parents ask as their child is wheeled into the recovery room after their surgery. While this answer can vary greatly depending on the type of surgery your child has just had, we can give you some advice and knowledge for after your child is discharged from the hospital following their pediatric surgery in Anchorage.

  •  How long will they stay? This is something your child’s doctor will discuss with you during preoperative visits. If your child will not require a stay overnight after their surgery, they will most likely be able to go home after a few hours of recovery following the surgery. They’ll need to make sure your child is fully awake, their vital signs are normal, they can drink liquids without nausea or vomiting, and that their pain in manageable before discharging them.
  • Taking your child home: If your child is discharged within 24 hours following their surgery, you can expect to them sleep more than usual the first day or so, have some minimal nausea or vomiting, and they may be a bit unsteady when walking around the house. However, these issues should resolve after 24-48 hours.
  • Before you take your child home, it’s very important that you’ve asked questions and fully understand any and all treatments that you’ll need to provide yourself, like changing wound dressings or helping them bathe.
  • Make sure you have all the prescriptions you need for your child.
  • Make sure you’re aware of all of the activity restrictions for your child and how long you need to follow these restrictions.
  • Know when your child is allowed to have their next bath or shower.
  • Know when your child is allowed to return to school or child care following the surgery.