Here at Alaska Pediatric Surgery, we are the place to call if you are looking for a pediatric surgeon in Anchorage. Every parent just wants the best for their kid, and when it comes to medical surgery, our aim is to get them as healthy and happy as possible. So give us a call when you need us! In the meantime, enjoy the time you get to spend with your kids; it always flies by too fast! To celebrate children everywhere, here are some fun facts about kids.

The Cute Factor

Everybody knows babies are cute; but many people don’t recognize that that is an evolutionary advantage. At least according to many leading scientists, who theorize that this cute factor helps ensure babies get the care they need, even through constant crying, restless nights, and many requirements for infant care.

Language Development

Linguists have been studying language learning in babies to better understand their discipline for centuries. Nowadays, there is a general consensus that babies go through language development in four stages. First is the babbling stage, where sounds are put together but not in recognizable words. Second is the single word stage, where recognizable words are formed. Third is the double word stage, where words begin to be used in conjunction, and kids start to learn about their relative meanings. Finally, babies enter the multi word stage as they start to grasp the mechanics of language enough to communicate.


While nowadays we tend to differentiate boys and girls by pink and blue baby’s garments, this is a new trend. Dating back to before the 1600s in England and the Americas, children were raised to wear dresses regardless of gender until the age of about seven. These dresses weren’t color coordinated based off of gender either; both sexes wore the same color.

Knee Caps

As people age, their knee caps harden and become bony. Before that, the knee caps are much more malleable as they are only made out of cartilage. This is the case until about three years of age, when they start to develop fully. So be careful when playing with your little ones, they are not fully formed yet!


The word “children” is special within the English language. That is because it is only one of three words in (modern) English that denotes a plural form with the suffix “en”, rather than “s”. The only other two words in the modern English language that use this mechanic are “oxen” and “brethren”. This one is for all you etymology buffs out there.

Rights of the Child

The United Nations has actually declared the rights of a child in their UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. This document states that “Mankind owes to the child the best it has to give.” That is one sentiment that we can get behind wholeheartedly!

“I Give Up”

Being a parent can be exasperating, and the data often backs that up. Just look at research performed by the group National Teething Week; they found that, of those parents surveyed, 68 percent of them reported having to leave a public area due to a crying child before. We have to say we feel for them, as there is nothing rowdier than an energetic child; good thing they’re cute!

Kids These Days

With all the modern advancements in technology, growing up as a child is different than it ever has been before. They are learning complex tasks earlier and earlier than ever. According to one study in the United Kingdom, by the age of just two, ten percent of children have already learned to use a touch screen. Considering we still know plenty of grandparents unable to use a touch screen, that is pretty impressive for a little kid.

Hopefully you found these facts entertaining! Early childhood is a very important stage of development, so it is important to keep track of your child’s health. If they are experience complications and require pediatric surgery in Anchorage, then Alaska Pediatric Surgery is the place to call! For more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.