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  1. Common Childhood Illnesses And Their Symptoms

    As every parent finds out eventually, your child getting sick is just a part of growing up. While it may be human nature to freak out at every new injury or symptom, unnecessary visits to the doctor can really add up. Knowing the most common illnesses and their symptoms can help …Read More

  2. When Should You Call A Pediatrician?

    There's no one more cherished in the world than your little one; that's why it can be so stressful when the inevitable sickness hits, and you need to decide whether to go to the pediatrician or not. While you always want to err on the side of caution, there's also no reason to w…Read More

  3. Exam Under Anesthesia: What to Expect

    What You Need to Know About Exams Under Anesthesia When it comes to pediatric surgery, every experience can be different. Some children that come to our children’s clinic have issues that are simple to fix through pediatric surgery. Others have particular issues with their heal…Read More

  4. What Is Pectus Excavatum?

    Pectus Excavatum and our Pediatric Surgeons If you’re not familiar with the term pectus excavatum, it’s a chest-wall development disease that affects children at birth. While doctors are still not completely sure as to why it happens, it is believed that pectus excavatum hap…Read More

  5. What’s The Difference? Inguinal vs. Umbilical Hernias

    Pediatric Surgery and Hernias As many of us are aware, a hernia is when there is a tear in the abdominal wall, creating a space for fat tissue to push through, causing a lump beneath the skin. For many children, this is an issue that they have had since birth, but it often goes …Read More

  6. Is Your Child Having an Epigastric Hernia Surgery?

    Your child has been suffering from an epigastric hernia and your pediatrician says that surgery is needed. It might be hard to process this information at first, but it’s important to make sure that you’re able to come to terms with the situation so that you can be strong fo…Read More

  7. Pediatricians You Can Count On

    Top Rated Local® Pediatricians Finding out that your child needs a pediatric surgery is a terrifying reality. The thought of your child going under the knife makes you worry, and potentially turn to ineffective treatments. Here at Alaska Pediatric Surgery we want you to rest as…Read More

  8. Why Choose Alaska Pediatric Surgery

    Pediatricians You Can Count On  As a parent, the idea of your child undergoing pediatric surgery is almost unbearable. You’ve always done whatever you could to help you child live and happy and healthy life in hopes that they could avoid surgery. Of course, kids will be kids …Read More

  9. Honesty Is the Best Policy

    Being Honest About Pediatric Surgery When it comes to pediatric surgery, talking to your child about their current situation is of the utmost importance. Letting them know that they are healthy, but that they need some help staying that way is a great way to tell them that they'…Read More

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